About Pemberton Law

Pemberton Law takes pride in providing experienced and professional legal representation to businesses and individuals. For 130 years, we have been regarded regionally as a firm that operates successfully and with integrity. As one of the oldest established law firms in Minnesota and one of the largest firms outside of the Twin Cities, Pemberton Law truly offers big-city experience with a small-town feel. 

Currently, we have 21 licensed and practicing attorneys at our four offices: Fergus Falls, Alexandria, Detroit Lakes and Wadena. Each attorney is committed to providing the highest quality legal services to their clients. Our attorneys are all licensed by the Minnesota State Bar Association and some are licensed to practice law in surrounding states.

Our attorneys have appeared in and represented clients in nearly every state and jurisdiction across the United States. We currently have attorneys that are admitted in State and Federal Courts in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa. No matter your jurisdiction, we can provide you with effective representation.

Pemberton Law Firm

Pemberton Law offers myriad of services, however our attorneys each focus on a select few in order to offer supreme knowledge and experience to our clients. Our attorneys participate in practice group committees and work together to serve a diverse group of clients. Pemberton’s attorneys always keep their clients’ best interests at heart and strive to succeed in a professional and legal manner. 

Pemberton Law has witnessed a number of our attorneys being called to prestigious positions in the legal system. Our alumni include three Judges appointed to the 7th Judicial District: William L. Parsons, Chester Rosengren and Richard Hefte; and one Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme court: Roger L. Dell. 

Our success continues today; with an experienced and dedicated staff, Pemberton Law provides effective, affordable and exceptional legal services to our clients.

“The attorneys at Pemberton are organized, knowledgeable, and listen to the specifics of the situation before offering input and advice.  The services they deliver are timely and high quality.”  —Pemberton Law Client



Pemberton History Building

Our firm history dates back to 1883, when William L. Parsons and James A. Brown became partners in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. They ran a very successful practice, which became known as Parsons & Brown. William L. Parsons was appointed judge of the 7th Judicial District in 1914. James A. Brown continued to practice law on his own until 1920, when he and Roger L. Dell joined forces.

In 1929, James A. Brown passed away, Roger L. Dell partnered with Chester Rosengren, and the firm became known as Dell & Rosengren.  In 1948, Gerald S. Rufer joined the partnership, and it soon became Dell, Rosengren & Rufer. Roger Dell was appointed chief justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1953, and the firm became Rosengren & Rufer. In 1953, Robert O. Blatti joined the firm of Rosengren & Rufer, and in 1955, it became known as Rosengren, Rufer & Blatti. In 1958, Richard Hefte joined the firm and partnered with Rufer and Blatti, and the firm became known as Rosengren, Rufer, Blatti & Hefte.

In 1960, Richard L. Pemberton joined the firm, as did James L. Schulze in 1965. Chester Rosengren, like Parsons before him, was appointed judge of the 7th Judicial District in 1965. A few years later, the firm became known as the law firm of Rosengren, Rufer, Blatti, Hefte & Pemberton, and this name continued until 1968, when it was changed to Rufer, Blatti, Hefte, Pemberton & Schulze. In 1968, Oscar J. Sorlie joined the firm. In 1970, Robert O. Blatti passed away, and the firm became Rufer, Hefte, Pemberton & Schulze.

History_JamesABrownIn 1974, the firm hired another attorney, Gerald Rufer's son, Stephen F. Rufer. In the years to come, this would become a family tradition—three generations of Rufers have worked with the same firm. Over the next ten years, the firm added H. Morrison Kershner, Robert W. Bigwood and Michael T. Rengel. 

Known as Pemberton, Sorlie, Rufer & Kershner, the firm continued to grow at an increasing rate by hiring Kent D. Mattson in 1993, and Kristi A. Hastings in 2001, followed by Nicholas J. Heydt, Katrina I. Wass, Chad R. Felstul, Joshua M. Heggem, Sarah C. Duffy, and Kendra E. Olson, all at the Fergus Falls location.

Not only has Pemberton Law grown in the number of attorneys we have available, but, in the last few years, we have also opened several new offices in the surrounding area.  In 2004, the Carlisle Law Office in Wadena, Minnesota merged with the Pemberton Law Firm.  In 2007, the Hummel Law Office in Detroit Lakes merged with Pemberton Law and now houses two attorneys: Sam S. Rufer (the third generation Rufer to work with the firm) and Charlie A. Seuntjens.  In 2007, the Pemberton Law Firm also opened a new office in Alexandria, Minnesota, which includes attorneys Nick J. Heydt, Charles M. Good, Paul R. Johnson, Julie A. Haseman and Marc Sugden.

James A. Brown