Construction Law

The attorneys at Pemberton Law represent both contractors and owners.

  • Contract Drafting & Procurement – We help our clients draft, review, and negotiate effective contracts that prevent problems and save time and money.
  • Claims – We represent our clients in a variety of construction-related claims including payment, bid disputes, extra work or changed conditions claims, insurance coverage, delay, disruption and defective work claims.  
  • Labor and Employment – Our employment attorneys handle employment needs of construction companies such as discrimination, human rights, fair labor standards, medical leave, hiring and terminations, drug testing and union issues.  
  • Business Organization – We assist our clients in business purchases, trusts & gifts, buy/sell agreements, joint ventures, shareholder disputes, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. 
Construction Law

Lawyers with expertise in this area:

Stephen F. Rufer
Kendra Olson