Public School/Municipal/Public Law

Pemberton’s public law team is dedicated to providing the best client value by offering unparalleled expertise with prompt and quality service.  Our public law practice group represents cities and school districts in legal matters.  With strong experience in township/municipal law and public school law, our attorneys play a vital role for our clients when they observe and are visible at school board and city council meetings. 

Municipal/Public Law

  • County, Township, School Board and City Council
    Advising clients regarding open meetings and data practices requirements. Board and council consulting and representation.
  • Contracts
    Handling contracts and procurements.
  • Regulations/Zoning/Policy Making
    Drafting regulations, ordinances and policies.
  • Projects
    Overseeing public service projects.
  • Litigation
    handling public entity litigation.
  • Eminent Domain
  • Township Law

Public School Law

  • Discipline
    Response and prevention of disciplinary cases, student expulsions, harassment, complaints, and discrimination issues.
  • Privacy
    Disclosure and release of student records.
  • Drug and Violence Procedures
    Drug-testing programs, search and seizure issues, and campus violence prevention and response.
  • Athletics
    Student athletics and Title IX.
  • Contracts
    Contract Development and execution for policies and procedures, union negotiations.
  • School Board
    Consulting and representation.
  • Special Education Law