Mediation and Arbitration

Pemberton Law provides mediation and arbitration services to lawyers, law firms, corporate and individual clients who seek to utilize our legal knowledge and practical experience in mediation and arbitration. Our ADR and Mediation specialists strive to achieve effective and reliable ADR and mediation services to resolve disputes in a timely and cost effective manner without the need for expensive and time consuming litigation.

What is ADR?Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the overall terms for several efficient ways to settle disputes outside the courtroom.  The most common forms are arbitration and mediation.

What Is Mediation? Mediation involves negotiation utilizing a third-party neutral who facilitates discussions with the goal of resolving and settling a dispute. The third-party neutral (mediator) imposes no judgment on the issues, leaving the final decision to settle the dispute up to the parties.


Lawyers with expertise in this area:

Stephen F. Rufer